[Notice] Issues with Sign in with Facebook (Fixed May 23th 07:40 UTC)

Greetings, Raiders.

GM Ophelia at your service.

We are aware of the issue where accounts linked to Facebook cannot login to the game due to the Facebook login authentication issues.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to the Raiders logging in through Facebook, and we will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we ask for your understanding that it may be difficult to solve the issue within today as the issue must be worked with Facebook.

We will notify the Raiders as soon as the issue is resolved.

Please note that the Facebook login issue has been fixed since May 5th 07:40 UTC, and can be accessed normally.

We apologize for the inconvience. 

Thank you.

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  1. Facebook mega cringe ngl
    Hope you guys fix it soon!
    And give something to the peeps for it.
    God knows even one missed day is terrible for the regulars, given they have their login streak for possibly years by now.

      1. Yes, we really need Big, Big And Very Big. We not need Loli.