[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – May 2022  

Dear Raiders,

This is King’s Raid PD Jin.

Today, we would like to introduce the development progress of background 3D map remaster.

There were many restrictions on camera rotations and angles in the previous 2D backgrounds. Due to the restrictions, it was difficult to create a more colorful and vibrant atmosphere in the 2D-based maps.

In King’s Raid Chronicle 2, all battle background maps will be changed to 3D, allowing various screen adjustments for each battle.

In addition, there was a limit to expressing the overall atmosphere due to nonexistence of lighting, but beginning with 2nd Chronicle, it will be possible to create an atmosphere that matches the background and characters by applying the light effect to entirety of each map.

In the following Developer’s Notes, we will introduce the development of the chapter node map and related resources.

In relation to the skill integration of the Unique Treasure, please note that we are considering ways to preserve equivalent value of the existing options.

We will inform the Raiders when the direction is set.

We are always grateful for your support.


30 thoughts on “[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – May 2022  ”

  1. Man, that looks REALLY good. I am afraid of collisions and performance issues, but I’ll trust for now. Other than that, I’ll admit, this is pretty hype!

    Hope we get this soon!

    1. Hope u include normal/hard/hell/nightmare mode back so older players get to enjoy the new improved maps

  2. I hope u guys using newer game engine

    Dont ruin those beautiful 3d art with poor engine performance

  3. Se ve demasiado hermoso, Mis esperanzas acaban de regresar. Definitivamente seguiré jugando,

  4. thats awsome.but i hope thats not will ruin performance issue,and give lots of crash.also pc client please

  5. 3D remodel for storymaps I will never enter again. Amazing.

  6. So after all this time, almost 20 days since the last dev note and at ( supposedly ) 1 month of the release of KR 2 you decide to just show the background of the story chapters that 95% of the players have already done or just speed run ? Nice move once again.

    1. thats better than just a logo no?,also why are you mad?if you dont like the game you can simplystop playing find other game move on ,its simple yes?

      1. we mad cuz it’s been a month already, kr2 was supposed to be released last year and why now only? and not just that, why do they only sneak peak useless shits? who wants a 3d map shits that most players dont care about.. better than a logo my ass, bro we complain because we love the game and we want to improve it by complaining so the dev will notice it, instead of your stupid white knight ass that accepts everything that is being fed to you.

      2. we mad cuz it’s been a month already, kr2 was supposed to be released last year and why now only? and not just that, why do they only sneak peek useless? who wants a 3d map that most players don’t care about.. better than a logo my nuts, bro we complain because we love the game and we want to improve it by complaining so the dev will notice it, instead of your stupid white knight ass that accepts everything that is being fed to you. oh, wait u want more? for having no event till kr2 and u just gonna accept this sneak peek?

      3. I’m mad coz they don’t even try to pretend caring about what we say and seeing white knight and the other cock sucker MezMezzy defending them like they raised to be dumb dogs make my blood boil even more

      4. They are raging because they are losers. They have no life and no future and no direction. All they have is KR. Boohoo. No one cares about you whiners!

  7. Thats fine and all, but all Imma do is hit that skip button and place the game on auto while looking away from the screen. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Only way to get my attention on the story is for you to actually include characters I actually care about… which almost never happened.

  8. Good graphics etc, but yea, watch for crashes, looking forward to things tho 🙂

  9. Great to see the updates but I have a little suggestion: how about changing those flashy skill effects (maybe add the option) to be more simple? Those look pretty only as individual but not as a group (hurts my eyes&very distracting lol) and most of all, those effects lag as hell.

    1. yes those effects are awesome at first but getting really laggy on crowded place, I hope we get skill effect on off toggle on kr2

  10. I’d say the only way to preserve equivalent value of existing options on UTs is to basically do what you do currently for SW. Use 1 UT ticket to unlock skill, 2 to upgrade to 1☆ skill and however many you need to get 3-5☆ skill. You could grandfather everyone’s already invested UTs on over and require us to use UT tickets/tokens to upgrade the skill. Or if grandfathering in each person’s already built UTs is too much, you can also refund the necessary amount of tickets/tokens required to get everyone back to where they were while also changing all UT tickets currently on hand into tokens as well. This would mitigate some backlash I believe since most, I’m sure, believe that all their progress on UTs have now become useless… especially after 4 years of building and creating multiple 25☆ heroes. Only thing that would maybe make ppl continue to gripe would be the total loss of Reforge Tickets spent to get that magical Max stat roll on each UT owned if the stats on the UTs are removed. If I read that correctly in the last Dev Note. Maybe give everyone maybe 50-100 Super Reforge Tickets that give you the exact stat you choose on any gear, but it can still have RNG in how high it gets put on the gear? Like if I choose Atk on Dragon gear it can give me a number between the Min and Max values possible on it same for TM? I’d be fine with that in exchange.

    Just a thought. Your game afterall.

  11. so can you when will KR 2 comes? and i think it will be better to make a new game.. even tho i a old player. And at least give us any info about KR2, (may be info about release month)… we were supposed to get KR2 update in Jan-March.. But now no news about that..

    1. Actually KR2 was said to be released in mid 2022 🙂
      Hopefully they’ll release with smooth performance

  12. Keep up the good work! It takes time but I believe it’s going to be an amazing remake. Don’t mind the people who only criticise. It’s impossible to please everyone and you don’t owe them anything. Looking forward to the next reveal.

  13. Add as you love in your game infinite difficult everywhere and mana burn too.
    It’s the best way to make content. Also make new constellation system way more powerful comparing to soulweapon, everyone will like it.
    Oh, wait, are there anyone? Must be something wrong…