[Notice] A Notice Regarding Not Being Able to Set Guild War Defense Team

Greetings Raiders.

GM Ophelia at your service.

We have identified an issue where players cannot set Defense Team for Guild War Main Season 12 that has started April 30th (Sat).

Please note that the issue will be fixed May 2nd (Mon) [12:00 (UTC)]. Round 1 result will not be counted, and Guild rank and Round rewards will not be distributed. The Round 2 will proceed normally.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by not being able to access contents smoothly, we will be sure to open Round 2 as smoothly as possible.

We apologize once again, and we will do our best to provide optimal gaming environment.

Thank you.

GM Ophelia

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      1. “reward” is not the right term for this case, I believe, as the root cause of the problem is the INCOMPETENT INDIE COMPANY that is VESPEGA.

        hence, the right term that should be use is COMPENSATION.

        On the second thought, “compensation” is not the right term either as they have consecutively shot their own limbs.

        I am at loss for words here.
        Let’s just shift the perspective instead. Who plays guild war anyway?
        deader content that dead sea.