[Notice] Public Test Server Temporary Suspension Notice

Greetings Raiders.

GM Ophelia at your service.

King’s Raid Public Test Server has open on March 17th.

Raiders have used the Public Test Server to send various feedback even with the lack of updated contents.

The test server was opened for the purpose of having stable updates by implementing update contents in advance to check problems/improvements. However, operating the PTS is not very meaningful at this moment due to lack of additional content until 2nd Chronicle related update.

Therefore, the PTS will be closed temporarily until the pre-update related to 2nd Chronicle is carried out. When the PTS reopens, we will be sure to post another Notice with the relevant details.

Starting from May 4th 10:00 [UTC], Raiders will not be able to access the PTS. We will provide Raiders with good new as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

GM Ophelia

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  1. Don’t worry you did your best so far ! The PTS was a great and even if some stupid peoples will complain I’m happy of what you have done so far ! You can take your time with KR2 without listening the no life retards of this community.