[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – April 2022  

Dear Raiders,

This is PD Jin.

I’m sure Raiders have been worried and upset by the news of the no future updates for 1st Chronicle. But we are continuously developing 2nd Chronicle though it will take some time. We’ll be back with good contents soon; we greatly appreciate your patience.

There will be a lot of fundamental changes for 2nd Chronicle, and we will guide you through various information in the future.

In this Developer’s Note, we’re going to talk about two of the key changes in 2nd Chronicle.

[Systems that will be changed]

1. Removal of Hero Awakening / Transcendence

1*~5* Awakening / Transcendence systems have lost its meaning due to long-term service.

Most of the Raiders have abundant amount of Awakening / Transcendence materials. Awakening / Transcendence lost its sense of achievement, rather it became a hassle to 5* a hero. In addition, early game balance, which was designed based on 1*~5* Awakening system, collapsed due to giving out 5* heroes at the start, effectively taking the fun away and making the early game a dull experience.

The Awakening and Transcendence System, and all the contents of Hall of Heroes will be removed and related items such as Fragments/Essence and Stone of Infinity will also be removed.

Previously, you couldn’t use the hero unless he/she was 5* and 5 Transcended. In the future, the hero himself/herself will be powerful enough.

2. Unique Treasure, Skill Attributes, and Skill Consolidation

Looking back at 1st Chronicle, we wish that Unique Treasure, Transcendence Attribute wasn’t each separate attribute.

Unique Treasures provides an upgrade to a skill, but only one skill upgrade can be applied, making Additional Options the main focus since Additional Options are all applied.

Upgrades to skills in Transcendence Attribute is also difficult to see at a glance due to Skill and Transcendence Attribute being separated.

Therefore, we decided to integrate Skills, Unique Treasure, and Transcendence Attribute into one skill.

When integrated as mentioned above, with Awakening and Transcendence system removed, the additional ATK, DEF, and HP in Transcendence Attribute will also be removed.

The new Skill UI changes will include all three attributes, Transcendence Attribute and Unique Treasure will be converted to new integrated skill points.

UI for Unique Treasure in Equipment will be removed and Transcend tab in Heroes Info will also be removed.

There will be many other changes, which will be explained in a timely manner.

[New King’s Raid logo]

Lastly, here is the first information of 2nd Chronicle, the new logo.

The new logo symbolizes Wings of Freedom of the Resistance 2nd Chronicle. In the game, you can see that the related patterns are shown on future hero’s clothes, but the wings of the pattern on the clothes are folded. In the logo, the wings are spread expressing the future aim.

As we mentioned in the previous Developer’s Note, the subtitle of 2nd Chronicle is <The Great Empire>. It symbolizes the story of the empire and the protagonists covered in darkness. Before the name was confirmed, we thought of Black Empire, but it was somewhat too dark, and the word ‘black’ was not closely related to the whole story of 2nd Chronicle.

[Final Words]

We understand that many users have been disappointed and deeply concerned about the possible end of the service after the notice of stopping updates for 1st Chronicle. Please note that 2nd Chronicle is actively being developed, and we will be sure to show you more fun and high-quality game. In the next Developer’s Note, we will prepare 2nd Chronicle in game resources currently under development.

We are always grateful for your support.

We will do our best to repay your love with more fun game.


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  1. You do realize even if vespa creates a “2nd chronicle” its going to end up flopping like the trash time defenders will because of the innate issues with the studio. Lack of feedback listening and balancing, constant pushing of rng systems (TD had a bunch of rng-based systems alongside hero gacha) and bad optimization. King’s raid got away with pushing bullshit rng stuff because KR was a good game so people stuck with the bullcrap. So if the studio doesn’t plan on nerfing because they are too scared of backlash or don’t stop pushing out desperation 80 dollar packages. We will be waiting for KR3 before we know it

      1. Lmao troll, bring a proper decent argument. People like you are so dumb lmao

      2. you know why KR is a bad game? its because of you people who are contented with shit content but still defends the game. So sorry for you being a white knight. sad get a life my dude. stop sucking dev cocks

    1. You do realize that everything that happened was exactly because vespa DID listen? 2-3 people providing certain feedback means jack when so many others ask for different things?

      Balancing? Hoo boy…. Balancing used to be good, when vespa did their own thing and gave us SMALL changes to many characters, but guess what… they listened again to all the people crying, that those changes were insignificant. And so we got the crappy changes that make characters from zeroes to heroes.

      Nerfing? Hmm, let’s see.. they did that. They did that very well. The heroes that they nerfed were still good, just not broken powerhouses that people prefer using. Can you guess what happened? People cried, so vespa again listened.. sadly.

      RNG? This is a gacha game. If you don’t want rng, don’t play gacha games.

      On the optimization I agree and I hope the pc client finally fixes that, but only time will tell.

      1. Agree. Vespa must stop “Listen to the players” theme. Players nowadays all are never ending whining children. They all want mindless pass through all contents without pushing any button. Ofc it must be FTP for all. And you did this great Vespa.

      2. @Anonynony
        The RC nerf went down the drain as soon as people cried that they don’t want nerfs or they’d want compensations, so they can instantly jump to a different broken hero as soon as their first one gets nerfed. The way the community wants these nerfs to happen is simply pointless and changes nothing.

      3. Also the overbuff of gremory was because player wanted her to be op. That didn’t turn out well in the end.

  2. so what will happen to the people who have stones or farmed an huge amount of treasures and unique weapons will be compensated for that? since i know it quite costy of my gems to get some of my unique weapons 3* or 5*s

  3. also will we keep our heros? since i finally collected a good chunk of them and what about my unspent diamonds??? should i evens pend them if your removing most the things i would use them on?

  4. Looking forward to the changes, though since Apoc change I’ve been a bit more skeptical.
    Still, it is your game, hopefully it goes well.
    Loving Time Defenders btw, great game, hope that game works out in global.

  5. There are so many things you could tease us with, character cg, background cg, more integrated ui, bgm, new mobs, the antagonist, skill ui as mentioned, etc… but of course, out of so many things, you only show us the refreshed logo ?

  6. Hopefully the 2nd chronicle is going to have its code optimized instead of just adding stuff, cause the lag spikes, crashes and some other issues are ruining the game for everyone with each day left unfixed. (For those who read this; If you don’t have any issues, that doesn’t mean it is not there, you may be one of the lucky few unaffected.)
    If possible, images of what is in the works would be nice, since words alone mean little to nothing these days.
    When the Transcendence and Unique Treasures get removed, I’m expecting all the work i did on my heroes to not go to waste with them losing any part of the bonuses given by them be it the stat lines or the hp bonus.

      1. Meanwhile my game lags, locks and then crashes after 5 mins or less on both phone or emu, it is worse on phone… you are one of the lucky few mate

  7. Why do you keep treating old player like trash.
    Sw? Oops sorry no new heroes are going to have it!
    Unique treasures? Opps to bad those tons or reforge and who know what happen to characters carry by their uq skill

  8. I’m at a loss for words right now. Unless I am misunderstanding your post, you’re saying unique treasures and their stats will be removed? Do you have any idea how much players have worked for unique treasures? They are the most required item in the game along side reforge tickets and you plan delete them. I cannot comprehend how you make these awful decisions every single update. It genuinely feels like you’re trying to kill the game now. Update after update you change things that no one was complaining about and simultaneously refuse to fix issues that have been in the game for months. Why is velk still laggy? Why do many heroes still have bugs? Why does the game still crash? Why do we still get the error message in apo? I have never known such an incompetent company. I feel sorry for all the staff at Vespa who have to work under the moronic managers at the company. Why do you never listen to feedback, it’s so simple and you could actually make changes that would benefit the game…

    1. I’m at a loss for words as well, so I’ll use theirs “Unique Treasures provides an upgrade to a skill, but only one skill upgrade can be applied, making Additional Options the main focus since Additional Options are all applied.

      Upgrades to skills in Transcendence Attribute is also difficult to see at a glance due to Skill and Transcendence Attribute being separated.

      Therefore, we decided to integrate Skills, Unique Treasure, and Transcendence Attribute into one skill.

      When integrated as mentioned above, with Awakening and Transcendence system removed, the additional ATK, DEF, and HP in Transcendence Attribute will also be removed.

      The new Skill UI changes will include all three attributes, Transcendence Attribute and Unique Treasure will be converted to new integrated skill points.”

      Now, if you read carefully what the issue with UTs for Vespa, is that Unique Treasures were used just for 1 skill only, so the change would be to use multiple UT skills instead of just 1.

      Now I could be wrong, but that’s how I understand what’s written and I don’t think it’s written in such a way that it would cause confusion (at least for the deletion part).. yet people always misunderstand.

      The thing that would be deleted is the UI for UT and Transcedence, but we’ll keep both of those.

  9. hey guys! i have an idea, why not strip everyone’s runes off again for 2nd chronicle. Would be cool if you could strip everyone preset page away too. Always fun to regear from the beginning.

  10. Yall genuinely don’t make sense. If you hate the game so much, just leave lol, move to genshin, idk lol
    Why do you need to find the need to dogshit on the game lol, your opinion isn’t really necessary, you’re just finding shit to poke holes in lmaooo?
    You are the type that can never be satisfied with any game, you will keep poking holes into games and that’s just how it is lmao
    I can say that one of the reason why these changes are happening is literally because of what yall keep saying. Your feedback can very well be causing such a shitty update and you’re just complaining coz the devs listened to your feedback lmao?
    Isn’t it your fault for giving such feedback? Now that Vespa listens to you, you’re still not happy lmao
    You are ruining the game as well, don’t blame other people lmao
    Just leave kr lmao why even play when all you do is complain so much lmao
    No one ask you to play kr, literally no one lmaooooooo

    1. how many times do we need to tell you, we love the game, we just hate the company and decision making behind the game.
      the same thing as i love you as a person, i just hate the cancer in you.

      1. you love it, i love it too but the issue here is that some people are hating on the devs even tho the devs listened to them lol
        now that it backfired, they blame it on the devs instead
        you can hate the cancer in anyone, doesnt really do much tho lmao
        and yeah sure, yall love the game but hate the company and the decisions made behind it, still can mean that certain people does hate the game, you cant speak for “we” in general, just speak for yourself who loves the game like i do lmao
        you see people dogshitting on characters? characters that dont even exist and cant even harm people? why hate on the characters? because of the devs? at this rate, you can keep blaming the devs for their silly decisions
        but it is their game so in a sense, arent u hating the game as well?
        next you’ll see people begging the devs to shut the game because they eventually grow to hate the game as well lmao

        you speaking abt the cancer in me is just funny because you’re ignorant towards those who keep asking for shit and then never satisfied even after devs gave in to them lol
        you love the game, yet you cant respect the company’s decision in their own games. now that they listened to the players, they still want to complain because its not up to their expectations.
        the more they complain abt games, the worse it’ll get.
        its not gonna make it any better coz different people want different things from the devs and not everyone can be on the same page and agree with each and everyone’s “wants” or “expectations” for the game
        understand that the words spoken were intended for those who are so fussy abt everything in a game lmao, not to those who have actual criticism and feedback to the game lmao

    2. Shut up white knight, your logic makes no sense and ignorance knows no bound. Where did you get the information that devs actually listen to their players? Stop spilling bull**** and accept the fact that this games prime time is gone.

      1. someone like you always exist lmao, not surprised that some can’t see the hatred you hold lmao, whether towards the game or dev lol
        if you even know how to read the criticisms from players, maybe you’ll actually see why bad nerfs and bad buffs exist and why certain characters haven’t even gotten the buffs or nerfs they actually deserved????????
        and i’m pretty sure the devs do listen to their players SOMETIMES lmao
        why do you think awakening and transcendence are being removed in kr2???
        you genuinely think the devs would have removed it on their own???? you sure about that mate?
        also sure the prime time is gone, doesn’t stop some from enjoying it unlike you 🙂
        my logic doesn’t make sense and neither does yours due to your illiteracy
        do you have like selective reading lmao?

  11. the game is dead anyway after our saviour Eclipse Professional shut this stupid company down. whats the point of kr2 when inherent and deep lying game issues still exist and remain unfixed. the main problems that drove veterans away are still there and very much prevalent with many useless changes and nothing focused on real concerns of the players. fix your game before trying to improve it you clowns

  12. All talk less action. 6 month full of dev note yet no visual prove on the developments. No bgm, characters, splash art, etc to show. At this point the dev note is actually the KR2 itself lmao