[Maintenance Notice] April 19th 00:00 (Tue) Maintenance Notice (Updated April 14th)

Greetings Radiers.

GM Ophelia at your service.

We will be holding a maintenance on April 19th (Tue)

Please note that the game will not be available during the maintenance.

▶ Date: April 19th (Tue) 00:00 ~ 04:00, 2022 [UTC]

▶ America Server (UTC -4): April 18th (Mon) 20:00 ~ April 19th (Tue) 00:00
▶ EU Server (UTC +2): April 19th (Tue), 02:00 ~ April 19th (Tue) 06:00
▶ Asia Server (UTC +7): April 19th (Tue), 07:00 ~ April 19th (Tue) 11:00

▶ League of Victory Free Season & League of Honor Main Season 18 Open
▶ Guild Conquest Main Season 17 Open
▶ Guild War Main Season 12 Open
▶ Challenge Raid Open – Keberen
▶ Special Shop Update
– May Birthday Packages
– King’s Pass Season 11
– Some Packages Sales Period extended
▶ Raider Growth Buff Reset (Ticket Submit)
–  Raiders who submitted ticket requesting for the reset during the submit period will have their buff reset & Rubies refunded.

Update details can be found through Patch Note that will be posted after the maintenance.
We will do our best to provide stable gaming experience.

Thank you.


GM Ophelia

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      1. He probably get mre views if he were to make a video out of this week’s maintenance notice over his existing lost ark videos.

      1. of course, u get stomped by kasel every single time in loh cuz u left him unbanned

      1. You love it? I hate it.

        Anyway, I’m here to say this – go stream Dreamcatcher’s new MV – MAISON

  1. Can you guys make that it won’t cost a ticket if we got crashed at the guild raid before we got the final score counted? I often experiencing this nowadays, when my guild doesn’t have many active people playing today. I was the only damage dealer to finish the final bosses. I wasted too many tickets when entering guild raid bosses, without getting a reward and without the results either because the game crashed/force-closed. Please consider this for the future. Thank you very much.