[Temporary Maintenance Complete] April 1st (Fri), 2022

Greetings Raiders,

GM Ophelia at your service.

We’d like to inform you that maintenance has been completed.

Please read the details below for more information about the maintenance.

[Maintenance Schedule]

– Duration: 4 hours

America Server (UTC -4): March 31st (Thu) 21:00 ~ April 1st (Fri) 01:00
▶ EU Server (UTC +2): April 1st (Fri) 03:00 ~ April 1st (Fri) 07:00
▶ Asia Server (UTC +7): April 1st (Fri) 08:00 ~ April 1st (Fri) 12:00

– Temporary Maintenance Details

▶ Fixed an issue where the duration of Full Shard only last for 1 Full Shard duration even if 2 or more Full Shards are used
▶ Fixed an issue where the battle doesn’t finish properly with a error pop-up when using Full Shards
▶ Fixed an issue where some effects of Infinity difficulty was not working properly in Divine Punishment Raid
▶ Fixed an issue where some Full Shard’s effects were not working as intended
▶ Fixed typographical errors

[Full Shard: Solenis]
– Tier 3 Shard: Increases Heal Rate of all allies by 20% has been added
– Tier 3 Shard: Recovers Mana of all allies by 1,000 every 10 sec has been deleted
– Tier 4 Shard: Recovers Mana of all allies every 10 sec effect has been changed (1,500 → 1,000)
– Tier 4 Shard: Increases Heal Rate of all allies effect has been changed (20% → 25%)
– Tier 4/Tier 5 Shard: Increases Heal Rate of all allies effect now applies as intended
– Changed some effect of Tier 5 Shard
:: Increases CC ACC of all allies by 400 → effect of the duration of CC increase by 30%

[Full Shard: Apocalypsion]
– Fixed an issue where Max HP decrease effect only applied 50% of intended amount
– Fixed an issue where Tier 4/Tier 5 Shard effect ‘Increases all allies’ DMG dealt to enemies’ didn’t apply as intended
– Fixed an issue where speical buff duration that applies to the Boss refreshes during the 2nd wave

[Full Shard: Both Bosses]
– Fixed an issue where the boss’s actual HP did decrease, but the HP UI changed after the duration of the Shard expired, where as the intended interaction is HP UI should change immediately.
– Fixed an issue where some effect with limited duration was being applied for infinite duration
– Fixed an issue where Mid-Boss fights had the ‘special buff’ applied
– Added text that indicates the effect of boss’s Max HP decrease for the duration

▶ Special Shop Update
– Sales Period: April 1st (Fri) 00:00 ~ April 30th (Sat) 23:59 [Local Time]

※ Notice
– Full Shards used before the fix has been refunded directly to Inventory > Consumables
– Rewards has been sent for competitive contents reset due to Rune of Blasphemy bugs
:: Arena content rewards must be received within 3 days after the distribution

We will make our best efforts to provide a stable and enjoyable game for everyone.

Thank you.

GM Ophelia