[Notice] Regarding Certain Rune of Blasphemy Effects being Applied Excessively (Updated March 23rd)

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Ophelia.

We found an issue regarding some Rune of Blasphemy equipment effects were being applied excessively. Please refer to the information below for the planned fix.

  • Known Issues
    • Rune of Blasphemy: Geb – An issue where DMG reflected is higher intended
    • Rune of Blasphemy: Doh – An issue where summon meteor DMG dealt is higher than intended (Wizard/Priest) [Apocalpysion]
    • Rune of Blasphemy: Doh – An issue where Shield and Recovery granted by chance on normal attack is higher than intended.
    • Rune of Blasphemy: Oth – An issue where DMG added to the next normal attack is higher than intended.
  • Planned Fix
    • Rune of Blasphemy: In the case of Geb/Dou, additional effects were applied in the process of converting certain amounts of DMG taken/normal attacks, resulting in higher DMG than intended, which will be fixed to the correct DMG as stated on the item.
    • Rune of Blasphemy: Oth – Oth is working as intended in PvE environment.  But Oth effects are being applied excessively with some heroes and deck compositions in PvP, and will be adjusted in PvP contents.
      In the process of fixing the issue, a problem was found which Heal and Lifesteal values ​​recovered to the heroes could be applied excessively. The effect will be changed so that ‘Overheal’, which is heals applied beyond the hero’s maximum health, will no longer be applied and additional DMG on the next normal attack will be decreased. This will effectively cancel initially announced adjustment of the PvP content only.
    • Rune of Blasphemy: Doh [Solenis] – We found an issue where Shield and Recovery granted by chance on normal attack is higher than intended. The Rune’s effect will be changed to effects based on ATK, not DMG.
  • Recovery Notice
    • After fixing the above issues, if Raiders wish to recover the materials in crafting Rune of Blasphemy, please submit a ticket through customer service.


    • Recovery only includes affected items crafted before the issue is fixed. Affected Rune of Blasphemy will be retrieved and the materials used for  the crafting will be returned.

We are currently fixing the above issues and doing everything in our power to finish as soon as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience you experienced while playing the game.

GM Ophelia

28 thoughts on “[Notice] Regarding Certain Rune of Blasphemy Effects being Applied Excessively (Updated March 23rd)”

  1. Too late. It has already affected PvE and PvP content.

    Just remove the tubes. Nobody likes the new rune system, garbage update. Plagued with RNG and bugs.

  2. Hi, I suggest ban all those who abused the mentioned runes in GC/LOH/LOV? It is not fair for the overall ranking and I highly support banning these idiots that even post video/screenshot to advertise their abuse.

    @Vespa please consider.

    1. you’re hilarious if you think they are going to ban for that LMFAO

      grow up

    2. This fucking troll from leagues. Put a leash on your dog please

    3. i highly support ur crying as well.. funny how people are “abusing” the runes.. “ABUSING”..

    4. I like this change please don’t remove it. This is the most fun I have had in months!

    5. You are a fucking disgrace to vietnam and to your guild. Thats all i want to say.

  3. Thank you for your hard work!
    I appreciate it

    모든 일이 잘되길 바랄게

  4. Just give compensation, this week i skiped compete Protianus because of this. I see Lilia can abuse damage in Protianus that’s annoying


  6. you are asking us to do your work for you? just give compensation.

  7. thanks for the update, keep up the good work, and please improve and check properly before releasing any new patch with bugs, cheers.

  8. OtH iS wOrKiNg As InTeNdEd In PvE eNvIrOnMeNt

    LOL! Tell that to the 2q wb2 Lilia and gc3 score being inflated by more than 10x just from a single rune.

  9. Once again, totally untested. “Higher than intended” equals the MOST FUN ANYONE EVER HAS IN YOUR TERRIBLE GAME. Why do we keep playing? Because the original game was engaging and we love our heroes that you continue to shit on. For once, male heroes are equal to the back breaking tits that you keep throwing around. We keep hoping you’ll redeem yourselves, but this week is likely the breaking point for many that have put countless hours into optimizing their heroes and strategies to compete at the highest level. You’ve already lost most of the high end GC guilds to the point where the lowest trolls are finally able to reach top 10. I’m sure they’re excited and think they’re doing great. But they’re still just trash that can only do anything because of the hard work and strats made by others. Too bad it’s all down the drain.

    What’s the solution? Close GC for the week. Immediately. Fix your terrible shit game and just MAYBE people will stay. Too bad you didn’t stick to your original 6 week GC schedule. It would’ve saved you from this embarrassment. But… I think you actually like have your balls busted and being embarrassed and watching your stock drop… Oh wait. It’s not listed anymore. GGs!

  10. Give us a Rune that activates on Skill Use. Why do we have runes that activate on normal hit but heroes that constantly use skills cant even use?

  11. F***ing fix your damn game, this shit is ruining competitive scoring content.

    Oh here’s an idea: Close the servers and fix it

  12. Vespa, like some suggest… Just close the service temporarily for a period of time while you settle things up (financial, staffing, planning etc) and do grand relaunch someday… The game is only shadow of it’s former glory with tons of bugs, broken heroes, and exploitable… Kr was a good game and it sad to see the current state of the game as an old player

  13. No one asked for runes with skills. While tm gear enhances what heroes were already capable of, these runes just break the game and all logic. Please continue to reevaluate what should happen to the runes of blasphemy.