[Public Test Server] User Guide to the Public Test Server (PTS)

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▶ What is the Public Test Server (PTS)?

– The Public Test Server (PTS) is a server where players will be able to experience the upcoming game updates before the actual updates on the live server.

▶ How to use the Public Test Server

– To access the PTS, you will need to download a separate app through the Google Play Store (AOS) or the App Store (iOS).

(Currently, only the AOS Google Market version will be provided, and an IOS version may be available in the future as well)

– The PTS will be operated irregularly for the purpose of pre-testing specific contents. The operation schedule and test contents will be announced separately through our Official community page.

– The PTS can be accessed with the following conditions: A KING’s RAID account linked to a social account which has reached Team Level 100 or higher. Accounts with the conditions mentioned above will be able to access the PTS freely within the operation schedule.

– Please note that a server maintenance / data patch / updates may be proceeded without prior notice during the operation period.

– Items/Goods that have been obtained, consumed or lost by playing in the PTS will not be recovered. All account information will be deleted at the end of the PTS operation period.

– The PTS is a server that can be accessed by all Global users. However, if the number of players exceed the number of players the server can hold, access may be restricted.

▶ How to download & access the app

– The PTS will be downloadable through the ‘Login to PTS’ button located at the left side of the login screen of the live server. When completing the download, you will be able to access and use the PTS.

– When logging in for the first time, you will be able to select 1 of the team information per server registered in the account, and the same team information can be duplicated into the PTS. Once you select your team, you will not be able to make changes during the operation period.

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