[Notice] Announcement regarding the opening of the Public Test Server (PTS) and Operation Schedule

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Ophelia.

We’d like to announce that the Public Test Server (PTS) will be opened during the below period:

▶ America Server (UTC -5): March 17th (Thu) 03:00
▶ EU Server (UTC +1): March 17th (Thu) 09:00
▶ Asia Server (UTC +7): March 17th (Thu)15:00

(The PTS will be primarily serviced only in the AOS Google Market)

The PTS is a server where players will be able to experience important system & contents before the actual implementation on the live server. The PTS can be accessed by Raiders from all servers.

We will be announcing about the operation schedule and the list of updates through the new PTS category on our Official Community pages. Please make sure to read the user guide and other additional regarding the new server carefully to avoid any inconveniences.

We will continue to allow players to experience future updates in advance, and smooth content updates during the live updates.

User Guide to the Public Test Server (PTS) [LINK]

Public Test Server – Update List of March 17th (Thu) [LINK]

We look forward to your support and participation.

GM Ophelia

Thank you.

10 thoughts on “[Notice] Announcement regarding the opening of the Public Test Server (PTS) and Operation Schedule”

  1. What’s the point.
    We have almost a week telling you about a bug that breaks the game but you just ignore it

  2. Ffs, why can’t you just do something that your player base actually wants

  3. people don’t even like playing your live server, what makes you think people are going to play your PTS?
    especially when the only content that’s different is Satria, a 4 year old boss lol

  4. I really thought i saw they’re coming, the new Heroes, or a glimpse of CBT KR2….
    Sorry got no time for a pub test server just let those who have free time to eo it and wait the result in YT, btw even tweh quittin KR shouldn’t u be worry @Vespa

  5. Wtf have you done to the game devs???????
    CR keep crashing now matter how we play. Its bugged, don’t make this game worse enough that even your remaining player base is forced to leave

    1. it’s a plan from vespa make people leave then closed,
      of course they will make a new version KR with new progress so they will make money again.

      1. maybe they hope people will play that shitty Time Defender lmao

  6. This, of course, is all great..
    But.. I would also like to see the news about the bug fix 🙁

  7. Thx Vespa for nothing done, i’m out, close ur shit raid as soon as possible, there is nothing to do

  8. What’s the use of a PTS when the official server already is one? Yeah us players test your crappy quality control or lack thereof.