7 thoughts on “[Event] Orvel National Day Celebration with KING’s RAID!”

  1. I’m honestly so glad something somewhat positive is happening after what felt like 2 whole months without anything. It’s literally like coming across an oasis in the middle of the desert

  2. wasn’t it called “Orvel Foundation Day” last year?
    so you guys can’t even keep the anniversary name right

  3. bruh this is a huge nerf to the anni rewards from last year wtf… eh fuck this bye KR

  4. Kings Raid is Good,EzeTheo 25 *, Kings Raid is God,PollySpent and etc other my friend Wish you good and love says:

    There’s nothing wrong with simple events, thank you for everything! We love you very much!

  5. Why did all my stats drop after the update? I used to dispatch stage 3 Galgoria stage with the same team all the time with 100% success rate, after the update, I can’t even pass stage 3 in dispatch. What the hell is going on? My Dark Lord Kasel lost 200k+ attack and all my crit damage and crit…