[Event] Orvel National Day Celebration with KING’s RAID!

“[Event] Orvel National Day Celebration with KING’s RAID!”에 관한 7개의 댓글

  1. I’m honestly so glad something somewhat positive is happening after what felt like 2 whole months without anything. It’s literally like coming across an oasis in the middle of the desert

  2. Kings Raid is Good,EzeTheo 25 *, Kings Raid is God,PollySpent and etc other my friend Wish you good and love 댓글:

    There’s nothing wrong with simple events, thank you for everything! We love you very much!

  3. Why did all my stats drop after the update? I used to dispatch stage 3 Galgoria stage with the same team all the time with 100% success rate, after the update, I can’t even pass stage 3 in dispatch. What the hell is going on? My Dark Lord Kasel lost 200k+ attack and all my crit damage and crit…