[Notice] March 3rd,10th,16th 2022 Known Issues (Updated March 17th 08:50 UTC)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Ophelia.

We’re here to inform you about the issues that have been encountered within the game after the maintenance.

Please check the details below for more information.

[Known Issues]

An issue where you were defeated in Karma Dungeon even after obtaining 1 or more Full Shard using Tier 2 Empty Shards or above.
An issue where 3D modeling of Luciteron is not displaying correctly in Monster Index
An issue where the game screen camera is not following the Heroes
An issue where Burning Time: Central Neighborhood / Burning Time: Stamina discount rate of Technomagic Kingdom Raid Event not being displayed correctly
:: The stamina discounts for both events are applied correctly, but the displayed stamina consumption shows lower than the actual stamina consumption.
:: Please note that Central Neighborhood (50%) , Technomagic Kingdom Raid (30%) stamina consumption discounts are applied properly
An issue where certain images are not showing up properly
An issue where Unique Gear Ticket reward from Divine Punishment Raid being gated to Evan
:: If you used the Unique Gear Ticket and wish to refund, please submit a ticket through customer service.
An issue where Karma dungeons cannot be cleared
An issue where when the Eclipse Battle ends, an error pop-up is displayed and the battle information is not applied properly (Eclipse Battle will be suspended temporarily)
An issue where some Legendary Rune effects aren’t being applied properly: ‘Rune of Swiftness: Legendary’ and ‘Rune of Vitality:Legendary’
An issue where Special Shop Icon shows Free label
An issue where Game Settings > Battle Option tab still shows Solo Time effect option
An issue where battle screen camera shakes during the progress to the next wave in Stockade Vault
An issue where Heal and DMG received is switched in League of Victory battle results
An issue where Valance is appearing in Central Orvel

We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced while playing the game and will do our best to provide a better gaming experience.

Thank you

GM Ophelia

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      1. Yep force closed after 1/2 minute.
        Restart/redownload doesn’t help much, still happened.
        And somehow in my arcdimX same setting same rune same transcend but harder to finish, usually 1.30/1.20 now under 1 minute.

  1. The Update Noone Needed.
    Right now theyre just trying to come up with half assed changes to the game that they can call “Update”. Game’s good as dead. Downgrading your rune system and messing up battle timing…. So now if you didnt build meta team and gears you’re fucked!




  2. I don’t want to do these tedious grinds anymore you pricks. Start selling swimsuit costumes again. At least i will get some semblance of joy or satisfaction from looking at neatly arranged pixels. There’s a reason why your player retention rate is shit. Not to mention that King’s Raid barely draws in any new victims. You need more new heroes, limited costume banners, actual events, and actual in game interactions. Piece of trash auto simulator. KR2 in your dreams. DOA flop just like your tower defense game.

  3. All my characters are performing so bad that results draw me back when I lwas lacking dps. Can’t even finish guild bosses in one run as I was used to do.
    WB is scoring bad. Wasted tons of hours trying to remember what character had in their gear with proper settings and so on.
    Honestly, you could just add new rune crafting leaving everything as It was before.
    Players with almost 100 characters wouldn’t even try to refill runes on all those heroes with different custom tabs. You could easily figure how messy would be at this point of the game.

    We worked hard to achieve certain results, we spent time and money to get results not to get back with crap scores.

  4. Another everyday-player since 2017 here. I have never posted a complaint here about KR, ever. The rune situation is absolutely beyond belief. Four & a half years of fitting puzzle pieces together perfectly. Today I logged in to find the table on which my puzzle was assembled has been kicked over, & all the pieces have been ground up in a blender. There is no possible way to figure out how a hundred characters used to be runed up. I’ve honestly never seen a more contemptuous display of subscriber hate from an online gaming company ever before.

    See ya after the roll-back, I guess.

  5. Known Issues:
    Loading gear presets now take longer (perhaps due to the new runehenge system)
    World Bosses get CC-ed much faster, their down duration are shorter as well.
    Damage to World Boss is cut in half as a result.

  6. What was the data patch supposed to fix again?

    The rune revamp was a really rude slap in the face to many players. On top of being a downgrade, it’s no easy task to try to fit runes back into the myriad of characters they use.

    And now after this data patch, there are even more bug reports. I personally suffered 7 lag spikes in just one World Boss fight, see missing hero icons in my WB selection screen and every loading screen takes at least 3-4 times longer to load up. Pretty sure those are mild problems already.

    This looks really, really bad on you, Vespa. Get your act together.