[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – March 2022

Hello, Raiders.

Greetings from KING’s RAID PD Jin.

Please allow me to explain in depth about the specifics Raiders are frustrated about.

New Title

First, I would like to reveal the official title of season 2. The official title of King’s Raid season 2 has been decided to be called KING’s RAID: 2nd Chronicle < The Great Empire >. The story of the 2nd Chronicle will be of new protagonists seeking the truth of the 12 Constellation and to reveal the hidden side of the empire. From now on, season 2 will be called 2nd Chronicle.

Decreased Update Volume and Absence of Events

As announced, Rune of Blasphemy will be the last update and we would like to focus all resources of the studio on 2nd Chronicle. We confess that preparing 2nd Chronicle and Rune of Blasphemy update of 1st Chronicle at the same time was a difficult task for the studio. Update for Rune of Blasphemy and Divine Punishment Raid reform is still not perfectly finished, despite originally planned to be finished by Feb. 22nd. We are very regretful that the desire to smoothly continue the service from 1st Chronicle to 2nd Chronicle did not seem to have helped in providing game service.

As we are focusing on preparing 2nd Chronicle, there will be no additional costume release for the time being. We will visit Raiders with new costumes and heroes in the 2nd Chronicle.

In the case of events, we decided that the events so far were not entertaining enough and were suspended to properly prepare the events in the 2nd Chronicle. The fact that there were bugs in the Android OS’s web view function also greatly affected the early suspension of the event. In the future, we will stop web view events and allow all events to operate on a client-based basis so that the events can be more closely linked to the game.

We are very sorry and deeply regret that we were not able to explain in more detail about the reduction of the update volume that Raiders have constantly mentioned, and for not providing a smoother transition to the 2nd Chronicle.

Balance Issue

The balance issue will be fundamentally addressed in Chronicle 2. During the 1st Chronicle service, there were big and small hero balance patch, attractive new heroes appeared, and new items were released, but the upward one-sided balance resulted in hyperinflation and damage modification became uncontrollable. There are now more than 100 kinds of heroes, but most of them are unused. The problem is not just the numbers on the equipment, but also the multiple damage increase options that are stacked, making it very difficult to balance in a simple way.

Currently, the power difference between heroes are more than 100 times, making it inevitable to the balance for the entire heroes including nerfs. There is a clear limit to balancing with only buffing. Damage inflation has caused the numbers to become so high, and we believe that there is no numerical intuition of any damage. We plan to review all items in general, including Class buffs, Guild buffs, Perks, Artifacts, Unique Weapons, Soul Weapons, and Unique Treasures.

In the end, the final goal of balancing is to ensure that heroes perform near the same level (NPC heroes will be slightly stronger), allowing variety of tanks, dealers, and supporters to be used and preventing specific character centered parties to create flexible and robust teams which is the unique fun that hero collector RPGs have. The goal of 2nd Chronicle is to allow the final heal and damage to be controlled within six digits (999,999).

Optimization Issues

Since KING’s RAID’s release in 2017, we have not been able to properly work on the engine or optimization of the game and has been adding content continuously. Now, there are lots of structural issues that have piled up, resulting in mountains of problems. In this regard, we are planning to upgrade the engine and carry out major structural improvements in many areas of optimization in 2nd Chronicle. All-round construction is underway to improve frame and stability.

If there are parts that are optimized relatively quickly, we plan to update it before the release of 2nd Chronicle. Also, we are preparing a PC version though it may be lacking in some parts. The app players are unstable, and we hope it will be of great help to those who play on PC. When we tested the PC version internally, it was thought to be quite stable. We hope the Raiders find it to be satisfying.

2nd Chronicle Information Reveal

Currently, 2nd Chronicle is being developed in various areas, but there are still many parts that are not finished and leave little room for a reveal. However, we will continue to reveal small bits to Raiders.

Some content will be deleted, and new content will be added. We will communicate with the Raiders frequently and introduce such changes through the test server. There are positive sides that come from refining the game, but we also feel there are parts that simply need to be discarded, which will be shared in the future.

We ask for your support and interest in KING’s RAID: 2nd Chronicle.

I am sincerely grateful to all Raiders.

PD Jin

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  1. Ayyy, finally some good news

    I welcome the lack of updates since honestly, I expected you guys to stop months ago to work on KR2… ideally before you guys changed Apocalypsion for the worst, but hey, what can ya do…

    (before you tell me to adapt, I have already beaten her, I just don’t like what they did is all)

    But yeah, keep up the good work and I look forward to King’s Raid 2nd Chronicle lol. God bless.

    1. Mez, don’t worry, kiddo – no one cares about this game any longer, and the falling numbers don’t lie. Most importantly: you’re an internet user, a screen name. No one’s going to ask you anything. They don’t care about you, computer user, just like no one in real life knows you exist. Certainly not Ve$pa. They’ll shut the game down and delete you, and your ‘party’ like a useless typo on a document.

      Be glad, though: since you’re as expendable as any other user on the internet, at least you can still pretend Ve$pa’s gonna make you a GM one day. If they ever ever release KR2

      1. What a sad life you must live. Coming to the updated news of a game you don’t even like lmao

        Like how are you always here on time? You really gotta lay off bro. But for reals, how? Are you getting paid for this?

    1. Your child-like ignorance is so typical, it’s almost scary! Kinda hard to make anyone ‘bow’ when Ve$pa hasn’t given a PROVEN release date, nearly broke, and no player retention. Oh… yeah, kid: King’s Raid is FAR, FAR from the only gacha; there are many new titles that are out, while KR is flatlining. Almost bankruptcy is a lot closer to Vespa than KR2

    2. Your child-like ignorance is so typical, it’s almost scary! Kinda hard to make anyone ‘bow’ when Ve$pa hasn’t given a PROVEN release date, nearly broke, and no player retention. Oh… yeah, kid: King’s Raid is FAR, FAR from the only gacha; there are many new titles that are out, while KR is flatlining. Almost bankruptcy is a lot closer to Vespa than KR2

    3. Your child-like ignorance is so typical, it’s almost scary! Kinda hard to make anyone ‘bow’ when Ve$pa hasn’t given a PROVEN release date, nearly broke, and no player retention. Oh… yeah, kid: King’s Raid is FAR, FAR from the only gacha; there are many new titles that are out, while KR is flatlining. Almost bankruptcy is a lot closer to Vespa than KR2

    1. Considering this is vespa, they’d very likely give no single shit about their little-to-none playerbase, or better yet they go bankrupt before 2nd season released because no one gonna pay for the shitty service that we having in kr right now

  2. I don’t know what to feel about this, even with the developer’s note .. still can’t change the fact that many guild right now are dead af , lotta players quit will they even come back lol

  3. It is very, very hard to believe that the 2nd chronicle is going to come out in the summer. It’s looking like it’s going to be postponed yet again, which will leave the vast majority of your player base in a rage, including me. The way you describe the progress of the development of the 2nd chronicle makes it seem as if it’s still in its infancy, which isn’t promising in the slightest, and it’s especially annoying when you have provided lackluster updates and recently even halted any further updates for the game, all because you want to “focus on the 2nd chronicle”. Secondly, you keep brushing off the immense amount of problems that are currently infesting your game, and claiming that it’s all going to be fixed with the 2nd chronicle. Just seems like you’re using the 2nd chronicle as a crutch for your lies and incompetence. The only thing that this developer’s note provided is a handful of promises, with little backbone. This is one out of the various times that you’ve provided promises with little hint of action to come, when will they actually be fulfilled? I could also go on for hours about how this approach at balancing heroes is pitiful. Instead of actual balancing, you chose to lean on putting a lousy cap on damage and heals. 999,999? Seriously? Such a lazy way to deal with this issue, and it won’t even truly fix it. Anyway, I just don’t have high hopes for the 2nd chronicle, it’s hard to believe that all of these issues will be fixed in a tsunami wave of an update. I can almost smell that it’s going to be postponed for at least another quarter, and I guarantee it will put the killing blow on King’s Raid. Please, just keep your promises Vespa. This is getting old.

  4. Lol keep going with your lies, people’s leaving the game faster than my life going down since it’s full of bugs, lame contents and lack of motivation, 2nd season hype is already over with those postpone, lack of communication, and that stupid so-called “no more damage inflation” omegalul, do you even know what your playerbase like? We love the damage inflation, that’s why we pay our money to invest to our favorite heroes so that they can deal big ass number, so long that it exceeds the damage number frame, or to one-shot some endgame bosses, now that you try to remove that feature then what is it the fun to fully build my favorite heroes now? Stupid moves, stupid studio, stupid people doing stupid moves

  5. I wonder if you even read feedbacks on your own discord, nobody asked for new events, we would be satisfied with old ones just to keep us busy…..
    This developer notes says absolutely nothing, basically you won’t do anything until KR2 which will happen in a very long time… so yeah, game is dying, people are leaving and this KR2 promise won’t do much if you don’t show any kind of pictures or sneak peaks of what’s to come…

    We all know it takes time and efforts to work on the next chapter, it is not a reason to just expect everyone to have blind faith and keep investing in your game…

  6. Before reworking the game, how about reworking your dev team and company as a whole first? By splitting resources with your TD game you have nerfed both games to a degree of quality that’s lower than the standard KR we used to love.

  7. We only need 1 note of developers every week, speaking about the progress or take photo working in the KR, any change, models in gray or anything is good for us to have feedback and we see the progress. And thanks for say in much months about the PC version.

  8. I hope for you the pc client has a scalable window like we have in any single emulator. Some are playing more then 1 client and it would piss me off super hard if apk support will end while I cannot use more then 1 acc at once.

    Also, stop this MP/sec penalty nonsense.
    Why did you even release a scalable dungeon where stamina or sheer dps/def is the limit?

    And also, I still cannot find any actual explaination for solo time was removed.

  9. Sounds… Not bad
    I still believe in you guys 🙂
    The answer to the questions of the majority is encouraging
    I’m looking forward to the second season.I believe it will be great if you guys try hard. 🙂

  10. You promised us RC legendary costume. And now we will have none.
    You guys literally killed yourselves. KR2 has no hype. It’s just remotely a hope that it would be better than atual. But there’s no proof, no teaser, just empty promises.
    You gave us apocalypsion. Good content to the community overall. Then you killed her with this shitty mana drain penalty.
    Stop. Killing. Yourselves. The rune shenanigan. Stop.
    Don’t push all problems to be resolved in the future. Deal with them now. The playerbase is fairly dead. I hope you don’t expect them to die and effectively reborn when kr2 launchs. IF, KR2 launchs.
    As advice, you could do two things.
    Create the hype for k2.
    Fix and balance damn kr1.

    And if you didn’t understand the first two times: Stop killing yourselves. Stop killing King’s Raid, the game we love.

    – Touaru

    1. They also promised clothes swap costume for April fools and even had a poll on it. Again all talk and no action

      Also any bets they will delay KR2 again when June comes considering they said they can’t show pictures since there been so little progress.

      June is literally 3 months from now. As if they will be able to do anything in time.

      I bet you KR2 will be delayed again to 2023 LMAO.

  11. I’m glad your didn’t drop the talk about the PC client, I really hope it won’t be as ram demanding as running the game on emulators, I barely play the game anymore honestly but I’ll be back in KR2 or once the PC client is released, good luck Vespa and I hope you learned something from what you have gone through those last few months.

  12. Where are the swimsuit/genderbend costumes? /s

    I’ve been checkin for over a month to see an update that would make me go back but there’s still nothing. Just another company who prioritized fanservice(swimsuit costumes) over QoL and Balance improvements only to fail miserably at reviving their game.

    Ironic, isn’t it? So many horny coomers were defending this and now the game is dying.

  13. Yada yada yada. Your player base is dwindling. Your content creators left the game and your to slow on your updates. Theres nothing much to do and there is still no timeline for kr2. I like kings raid, imo best gacha game ive played but you guys dont listen to your players. Im doubting your veterans would be back since they would be invested in the games theyve left you with. Poor decision choices you made. Your kings raid is your cash cow and failed to realize this. Kudos to your apologies tho its keeping some of your players see some light. Lmao

  14. When u all decide to change back apoc u will see some ppl coming back, dont even know if u can get to the point of releasing kr2 at this pace.
    My expectations for this game are at its lowest, come on vespa… impress me.

  15. After reading this thoroughly, maybe you are making a step up, some things need to come back tho, solo time should come back in kr2 mainly. Other than that, I’m curious on what’s to come, good luck and satisfy us all the best you can!!

  16. I’m disappointed that you guys broke your promise all over again and also give us the empty talk… You guys are so bias that you guys decided to release legend costume for female but stopped on rc??? Excuse me? You all are unfair bias… give him his costume you jackass. We are okay to wait until kr2 release if you at least tell us update or preview on anything???

    I hope legend costumes are not gonna get cancelled cuz others are waiting for their fav heroes next after rc too…

    But new content is ok except hm apoc.

    Not only that, the worst part is no confirmation on when kr2 gonna release, adding to mana addiction on apoc for no apparent reason… Stupid award goes to vespa.

  17. Ah yes more empty words.

    More broken promises

    Same sh!t since 2017

    And the fact you think you can release KR2 in June 2022 when you can’t even show PICTURES of progress indicates you did sh!t all

  18. If you have just listened to the player base sooner the game wouldn’t be on this state. For a long time players has been asking for balance/nerf monthly as the game really needs it but you ignored it and continue to implement contents that players didn’t asked for. Look where the is at now. Unbalance and full of bugs.

    I hope you give compensation for players after this mass nerf as building a hero isn’t a joke, it takes time and resources. You can’t just put a damage cap and be done with it. You guys are the reason why the game is in this sorry state right now. Also KR2 promises again?? Without having a concrete date on when it will be release is bullshit! You can’t even provide the community on the progress. Its almost been a year after it was announced and no new information has been provided other than “We’re working on it”.

  19. Just to point this out, how about we have devs notes every month just by showing us some progress you’ve made before the release? Devs notes is easier to make than making ingame events right? And you guys said y’all focusing stuff on KR2 right? So, I suppose it could be done. Just at least show us something like new characters VOD intro like Valance/Isaiah releases, new costumes, new stuffs or contents. And lastly, do give us a date since most of us will not staying for much longer if this “silent” keeps going

  20. Blah blah blah yada yada yada all talk no action, if only you do listen to your community and get a glimpse of what they actually want. Too bad this is vespa we talkin’ about, give little to zero fuck about their playerbase, which is literally their income, their milk cows. You cant just use your shitty kr2 as an excuse to every single problem with your shitty game and expect to get away with it. I’m waiting for a bankrupt and terminal of services announcement, the sooner the better