[Notice] Information on some Rune of Blasphemy options’ Values not being applied correctly

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Ophelia.

Through March 24th (Thu) temporary maintenance, some Runes of Blasphemy effects were changed.

However, we found that the option % value of the previously created Rune of Blasphemy (created before the maintenance) did not change to the adjusted value. Here are the actions that will be taken to fix the problem.

[Known Issues]

Some Runes of Blasphemy’s option has been fixed, but Runes created before the maintenance has not been fixed.

– Runes currently not fixed:

Although the options of originally planned for fixes were changed, each effect % values were not fixed and are in need of additional maintenance to fix to changed values.

The use of the following competitive contents will be temporarily suspended until the issue with the Rune of Blasphemy is fixed and schedule for temporary maintenance will be announced as soon as possible.

※ Temporary blocked contents will be opened after temporary maintenance.  

Temporary Blocked Contents: League of Honor, League of Victory, Battlefield of Ordeals, Guild Conquest, Guild War, World Raid Boss and Lucern’s Rune Sculpture

We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced while playing the game. We will do our best to provide a better gaming experience.

Thank you

GM Ophelia

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  1. so basicly did nothing couldnt fix shit and closed all scoring content
    at this point im fine to quit. thanks for the last 4 years. i hope you wont regrett selling out your kr community for your shitty other games

  2. So basically you wasted people’s time, didn’t do anything with the game. Closed ALL things we do and want us to do what? Fuck this game, vespa is trash. Thankfully you’re game is dying more and more everyday. You could’ve kept the game down and fixed it, but nope you don’t want to give us rewards and too stupid to do anything.