[Notice] Future Maintenance Schedule Change Notice

Greetings Raiders,

GM Ophelia at your service.

Maintenance originally held every 2 weeks will be changed to irregular maintenance.

We are currently developing the second season of KING’s RAID, and we are making numerous modifications.

The scale and scope of season 2 development is considerable, including hero balance issues, damage inflation issues, removal of unnecessary contents, enhancement of existing contents, client optimization, overall graphic renewal, new chapters and new contents development.

Therefore, with the last update of the Rune update, we would like to finish the update of season 1 and focus on developing season 2 so that we can greet our Raiders with season 2 as quickly as possible.

In the future, instead of regular updates, there will be intermittent updates for parts that are really needed.

Details regarding the future development direction will be provided through the Developer’s Note currently being prepared.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

GM Ophelia.

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  1. LMAO.

    This is one way to say “no real updates until KR2”

    All your whales and veterans are leaving. There is nobody going to around until KR2.

    As usual all talk but no action.

    0 previews for KR2 since 7 months ago.

    1. whose going to return to ve$pa, they don’t give a *&$3 about there community. They literally ban + time out people in there discord server for voicing there frustration. It literally took them one whole week to do kind of acknowledge that the runes are broken “intended to be used that way in pve”. Hell they didn’t even talk about how the game is literally unplayable anymore.

      1. i if im not wrong, the one whose banning is not exactly vespa nor the gm itself. it just their admin goes nut because yes, not really sure though.

      2. Yes the one was banning without even a warnning was their 1 mod (karen) shal but iirc she left the server and quit the game

  2. Season 1?????????? XD this a sick joke right?. Season 2 is what you keep saying your going to do every year just rephrased. I m done the moment you started to ban + time out people in your discord KRO server for voicing there frustration. Good Job in destroying something that use to be fun.

  3. I am just waiting for you guys to announce game termination. My love for this game turn into hate, cause of how terrible you managed the game. KR2 will never be finished. If it does, you won’t even attract new players to play your game due to how many problems your game has now. Lets be honest KR is still alive because of the loyal player base that still hope for KR2. Long term, KR2 isn’t enough to compete with new upcoming gacha games. Way to outdated.

  4. No update till KR2? That means no more reason for us to play this game. we never even saw a preview of “KR2” and now you want us to wait for something that might never exist?

  5. Lol you keep saying you’re working on KR2 but it’s basically lies and bull sh!t. Absurleky no previews example some 3D model face animations and a tiny preview of the battle system. Nothing else.

    You won’t last to June with more and more players leaving everyday. Face it and just shut down the game

  6. Announcement od Termination of Service

    That would be the best news if you could do it like right now and stop bastardizing King’s Raid it used to be a good game but hell naw Vespa you had to destroy it so much even the die hard KR fans and whales have gone and left you for better games.

    Shut it down, we don’t care about any plans you have. No THEY ARE NEVER COMING, Vespa will go bankrupt before KR2 even releases.

  7. No update till KR 2 ? When that thing gonna release? No date? No preview on character design or story?
    No more events for KR 1? So we should just play your shitty Time Defender instead?

  8. Nice meme, Vespa. bring back solo time and fix your shit then maybe you’ll do something right for once, just don’t fuck kr2 up like you did with other shit before this announcement, that’s part of why we all distanced or quit completely.

  9. Solo time damage, no transfer tickets for units greatly affected.
    New rune system damage, no compensations, and GREATLY REDUCED the availability of legendary runes for no reasons.
    Harder Apocalypsion runs while people already build for the old one. No compensations.

    And now you’re saying, ‘Sorry, no updates or content fixes anymore’. Till KR2

    And what exactly can we hope for in KR2?

    In the past year, you have always left us, your LOYAL FANBASE behind.

    You are ALWAYS, going for something NEW. That ALWAYS flopped, mind you.

    Did it never occur to you that you are not very good at new attempts? KR1 is your best piece. KR anime? Time defenders? I don’t want to think about what is going to happen to KR2 anymore.

    Did it never occur to you that when you really listen to the community, things actually improved? When we catch your bugs, and you give us proper fixes, proper compensations, generous rewards, unit rebalances, technical support etc.

    Honestly saying, you should have took care of this KR more. MUCH MORE. And don’t turn a blind eye to your mistakes when the community rages. Just try to fix mistakes and show it with the best of your abilities. Don’t divide your resources to some new wonderful project that has no guarantee of success.

    Like now, you can actually remove the mana drain from apocalypsion. You can reward us with legendary runes/UW/UT like before. You could have doubled everyone’s number of runes since the new system needs more of them.

    I was your loyal fanbase. I really was. I used to pay to support you every month for years. Sad to say, but this will be my last post if nothing is fixed within a few weeks. So many people has already left KR. Guess it is going to be my turn next.