21 thoughts on “[Event] Orvel National Day – Stamina Consumption Event”

    1. It says “all the rewards up to the final stage will be sent at once”, so I’m assuming you get all rewards from stages you went through.

  1. Does dispatch stamina apply or no? Cos 95% of the time you never take into account dispatch lmao

    At least make the instructions more clear, Jesus.

    1. I am hopeful that Dispatch counts. At the bottom it says it will extract all the stamina usage data of the servers. I can only assume this would be the total usage over the time period, not differentiating dispatch versus normal usage.

  2. This looks like a trap especially when the new solenis raid consume stamina instead of holy gem lmao

    1. its basically just a “spend 100k stamina” even for all the top listed rewards. u can just ignore the bottom reward because trying to get into top 10 is just a huge waste of stam for a single soul stone ticket.

  3. Finally 2 new refresh stuff

    But eclipse is dead. Also the battle of ordeals still dead for Asia ty

  4. Introducing rune henge system, but apoc is close
    Spend Stamina event, eclipse close

    Think vespa think

  5. Kings Raid is Good,EzeTheo 25*,Kings Raid is god,PollySpent and etc other my friend Wish you good and love says:

    Cool! Very good event! We always appreciate your efforts, thank you for what you do! Well done! 🙂

  6. Well… My eclipse entries are full and Eclipse still locked. Basically I’m wasting entries.
    You should have fixed Eclise the day after the patch or before releasing this event.
    At least rewards are welcome!

  7. National We Messed Up our Update Event!
    yey! Spend 100k stamina event when solenis and apocalypsion and eclispe are dead. niceeeeeeeeee!

  8. Wait. The stamina CONSUMPTION event is running at the same time as a stamina DISCOUNT event? Wow. You guys really are raging fucking assholes. No dispatch either. We can smell your sweaty kimchee desperation. It’s rank bruh. LOLOLOL ^_^~~~

  9. This event is a scam. I didn’t receive anything and it’s already 19.03. No soulstone, no tickets.