[Maintenance Notice] 2/24(Thu) Update Delay Notice (Update Feb. 25th 07:25 UTC)

※ Edit Challenge Raid Shop will be closed from February 28th (Mon) 00:00 [Local Time] due to preparations for the Challenge Raid Shop reform. Challenge Raid battle will be accessible.

Hello Raiders,

GM Ophelia at your service.

We are sorry to inform you that the update scheduled to be held on February 24th(Thu) has been delayed to March 3rd(Thu).

We sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience and disappointment to Raiders who have been waiting patiently for a long time for the update.

We are very aware of the disappointment that Raiders will feel, but problems were discovered in the process of development, and it was internally decided that forcing the update would be too dangerous. We ask for your kind understanding as the unavoidable decision to postpone the update schedule was made after much consideration.

▌Maintenance Schedule (UTC)

▶ Maintenance Date: March 3rd(Thu) 00:00 ~ 05:00 (5 hours)

Please note that the Divine Punishment raids, which has been suspended for content reform preparation, can be played normally after this notice is posted. It will be suspended again from February 28th(Mon) 00:00 until March 3rd(Thu) [Local Time] maintenance.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the sudden delay of the update. We will do our absolute best to provide better service.

GM Ophelia

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      1. No it’s a guy who has a grudge against me for something and probably wants to get me banned again kekw

  1. Déjà vu
    I’ve just been in this place before
    Higher on the street
    And I know it’s my time to go
    Calling you, and the search is a mystery
    Standing on my feet
    It’s so hard when I try to be me, woah

    1. Standing here, I realize you were
      just like me trying to make history.
      But who’s to judge the right from wrong.
      When our guard is down I think we’ll both agree.
      That violence breeds violence.
      But in the end it has to be this way.

  2. I’m loss for words now. Months of no new content and still failed to deliver yet again on a new feature. The promise extra story has now been forgotten also. Anniversary is almost near, no update about it also. Atleast give us more details about the update since that last sneak peak are so vague on the explanations.

    What you really lack is the communication of your plans to all your players. GM is not at fault here since they only just relay messages coming from Vespa top to players but if there is nothing to relay then they can’t really do anything about it. New PD is all talk at the start of the year and now its complete silence again. Next thing we know, we might have a new PD again.

    1. Has been playing since release. Love this game but it’s getting stale and boring with no new events and stuffs. I’ll probably just keep doing dailies hoping something new comes up or vespa decided to finally pull the plug. But honestly if that happens, I would rather have a better company take over vespa instead of shutting down the game entirely for long term players who already dedicated so much time in it.

  3. Hey Vespa and Gm Ophelia. Thanks for not releasing it if problems and handling like this. Would rather wait than have it be problematic. Lots of games push stuff like this anyways and it never turns out well.

  4. update delays, bs promises, event drought for almost 2 months…the upcoming anniversary better be good or i don’t know how y’all are gonna make up for all the stupid shit. Go on like this and ur game is dead before KR2 launches lol