[Notice] March 3rd(Thu) Pre-notice regarding Rune Page Reset and Black Holy Gem Replacement(Updated at Feb. 24th 01:55 UTC)

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– The update schedule has been postpend, and the schedule for suspending the new raid content has been updted. (Feb. 24th 01:55)

– The update schedule has been postponed and the date has been upated. (February 24th → March 3rd) (Feb. 24th 01:55)

Greetings Raiders,

GM Ophelia at your serivce.

The reorganization of Rune Page and Divine Punishment Raid is expected on March 3rd(Thu) update, so we would like to inform these update changes in advance.

Please refer more details from the below info:


– Reorganization of Rune System

After March 3rd update, the Runes that can be equipped to weapon, armor, and sub armor, will be changed as the Runes will be directly equipped to the Hero itself. Due to these changes, the Runes that were equipped on all equipment in the account will be automatically released and moved to [Inventory] > [Rune] tab.

Users who have previously installed multiple Rune items on multiple equipment may feel a bit uncomfortable about re-installing Rune items when logging in to the game. So, we recommend that you check the Rune setting information of existing heroes in advance by referring to the provided information.

As the Rune page is reorganized, the existing equipment Rune Page function will be removed, and we plan to extract the data of all users and return the consumed Rubies to expand the Rune Page in the account.

When the return schedule is confirmed, we will provide additional guidance through this notice.

– Reorganization of Divine Punishment Raid 

Divine Punishment Raid will be temporarily closed from February 27th(Sun) 15:00  until March 3rd(Thu) [UTC] maintenance due to preparation of content reorganization.

After the reorganization, the required item to open the content will be changed to Stamina, and the info of existing opened Divine Punishment Raid will be initialized.

After the content reorganization, users can obtain 100,000x Stamina as a replacement reward when using the ‘Black Holy Gem’ item in the inventory.

We recommend the users to stop using this content who possess Black Holy Gem. If you have already opened this content, then we recommend playing the Divine Punishment Raid before closing.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the Rune Page reorganization and content suspension. Compensation will be paid to show our apologies regarding these changes.

▶ Compensation Notice

– Target : All King’s Raid users

– Compensation : 10x Mysterious Rune: Legendary

– Payment and receipt deadline: After maintenance of March 3rd (Thu) ~ March 10rd (Thu) 14:59 [UTC]

Please refer to the provided information to avoid any inconvenience within the game.

King’s Raid will always try to find ways to minimize the inconvenience of users by thinking in various ways and to provide better service.


Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. @GM Gremory
    Question: Do we get to have pages for rune set on hero now? Cause if not then how are we gonna suppose to set our runes on different bosses? Other gears have specific rune design for a specific content and boss

  2. LOL! Can’t wait for the 10 P. Dodge/M. Dodge runes I ALWAYS get whenever I open these “random” runes. Ah, well. Looking forward to seeing how this change plays out down the road.

  3. How are we going to manage rune presets now? Different content requires different runes, and we used to have flexibly with weapon rune preset change. We are going to require more runes to fill in all those holes if the preset is changed to more than 3 runes.

    This is not good, unless you allow us to recycle runes without paying rubies.

  4. Don’t Panic! It will be a little inconvenient to reset the runes but from what I am extrapolating from this post is that you will be able to set the runes to the character’s themselves so I would expect you should have multiple slots or tabs for the different builds. I mean that would be the ideal setup “raises eyebrow @ Vespa” let’s wait and see.

  5. I’m not sure how necessary this is, but I’ll wait and see how it ties with the current game.
    One thing has me worried though; the perk pages 4,5,6 have an issue in game where some battles can’t be completed if those pages are active on a hero. Don’t you think it’s important to address that?