[GM Note] February’s 2nd Update Sneak Peak (Updated at 2/15 11:35 UTC)

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Greetings, Raiders.

This is GM Gremory.
We’d like to share the details of February’s 2nd update.

Here are the main updated features for this GM Note: Legend Costumes, Reformed Punishment Raid, all New Winter Costumes, etc…

※ The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in the Test Server.
– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.


01. Legend Costume – Miruru

– Legend Costume for the legendary pirate, Miruru.

– Equipping, or even possessing the legend costume will have drastic effects on your experience.

:: Reduces Stamina spent for Dispatch Battle by 2% / Changes the hero’s skill effects, motion, and the voice.

– You can preorder the legend costume. After the preorder period, all participants will receive the costume. (The discount rate will be related to the number of preorders)

[Hero Illustration Sneak Peek]

– The ocean tyrant, the legendary outlaw has revealed herself with the long-hidden Technomagic treasure. Meet the living pirate legend, Miruru.

[3D Modeling Sneak Peek]

[Skill Motion Sneak Peek]

02. Reformed Divine Punishment Raid

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– Extensive reformation of Divine Punishment Raid contents, including a new boss, new system and additional dungeons.

[Solenis Raid]

– Solenis, divine guardian of the Goddess, will be introduced as the new Divine Punishment Raid boss.

– It is consisted of 2 middle boss dungeons and 1 final boss dungeon, and with each middle boss defeated, the difficulty and reward of final boss will be increased.

– You can acquire materials for crafting 2 different types of powerful new artifacts

[Scenario Dungeon]
– The divine punisher, Goddess’s apostle. Learn more about the Constellation Slayer in the new Scenario Dungeon.

▪ Apocalypsion
Apocalypsion was the mother of all dragons, who embraced even the men. Men served her with respect, she looked over them with love. But the race of man, in order to escape the ‘cycle’, killed and experimented on the ancient dragons they once worshiped – eventually taking away their power. Such despair and betryal turned her benevolence into hatred. Little did she know, it was all according to the plan of the Goddesses of destruction and harmony, whom she once served…

She finally awakens as the Calamity of Destruction, Goddess’s apostle – The Apocalypsion.

▪ Solenis
Solenis is a giant angelic statue built before the formation of Vespia, in a small nation, as an offering for a Goddess, Lua. As Lua accepted their faith and blessed them, their faith and worship grew stronger and louder. When the war between Angels and Demons began, they desperately prayed until a magnificent individual emerged to defend them against the demons. However, it was only the beginning of the real battle, of the endless pain that would never end. The moment they thought the demons were gone, and the war has ended. The moment another Constellational being bloomed to be the Goddess’s nemesis.

With all the love and worship for the Goddess she’s received, Solenis raised her gigantic sword and started smiting people.

[Unlimited Difficulty System]

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– The Infinite Difficulty System, which increases boss’s stats and skill gimmicks according to the difficulty setting, will be applied.

– There is no limit to the difficulty setting, and the higher you go, the more rewards you can get.

[Karma Dungeon]

– Newly added dungeons where you can acquire bonuses that helps you clear Punishment Raid, such as enhancing Hero’s stats, or weakening of the boss’s.

– Karma Dungeon costs stamina to be unlocked, and strategic elements will be added for your refreshing experience.

03. Rune of Divine Punishment

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– The highest step of the Rune system, Rune of Divine Punishment, will be added. It can be crafted with [Lucern’s Rune Statue].

– It takes various materials you can acquire from some contents and Divine Punishment Raid to craft Rune of Divine Punishment.

[How to craft]

Step 1. Insert Rune Fragment

Step 2. Insert legendary Rune, or Velkazar Rune

Step 3. Insert Blood of Apostle (Divine Punishment Raid Boss Drop)

Step 4. Insert Void Rune (Sold in 5 types of contents shops)

Step 5. Insert legendary Rune

[Where to acquire Void Runes]

– Challenge Raid Points exchange shop (Weapon Rune craft materials)

– League of Victory shop (Weapon Rune craft materials)

– Honor Medal shop (Weapon Rune craft materials)

– World Boss shop (Armor Rune craft materials)

– Guild shop (Auxiliary Armor Rune craft materials)

– Divine Punishment Rune’s stats and shape will be determined by craft materials used, and powerful additional stats will be given.

– Rune Page UI will be changed with the addition of Divine Punishment Rune, and types(shapes) of equippable Runes will be sorted with 5 different slots. (Weapon, Armor, Auxiliary armor slots will be separated) 

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04. Winter Costume(2nd) & Signature Motions

– New winter costume for the adorable heroes who melts our hearts will be released. (⸝⸝´ ᵕ `⸝⸝)
:: Luna / Taily

– Additional signature motions for [2nd] Christmas costume ~ [2nd] Winter costume.
:: Nix / Annette / Valance / Hilda / Reina / Luna / Taily


[Motion – Luna]


[Motion – Taily]

05. Change of General Item Summon System

– The item summoning system that can be used by consuming gold in the [Special Shop] > [Summon] > [General Summon] tab will be changed.


– General Item Summon x1 will be removed.

– 50 time of weekly limit will be added to General Item Summon x10 (1 time = 1 use of General item Summon x10)

※ The use of ‘General Item Summon x10’ ticket you have will not be counted toward the limit.

06. Organization of Battle System

[Removal of Solo Time]

– The ‘Solo Time’ of various skills owned by Heroes within the game will all be removed.

※ What is the Solo Time?
– It is a system in which stops the target besides self and the screen is blacked out when activating certain skills owned by the Hero.

[Addition of the MPS UI (Divine Punishment Raid only)]

– The MPS UI, an index indicating the average amount of Mana recovered per second, will be added. This will be shown like the DPS & HPS located at the left side of the battle screen,

※ What is the difference of the DPS & HPS?

– The fact that the application criterion is the effect received by self, not the effect inflicted by self

-DPS : DMG inflicted by self / HPS : Amount of HP ‘healed’ by self  / MPS : Amount of Mana ‘recovered’ by self

– Not only the Mana recovered by self, but also the Mana recovered by other Heroes and effects will included as well to self’s MPS

– Based on the current time of the indicator, it will be applied by averaging only the records up to 10 seconds prior.

Applied by averaging only the records up to 10 seconds prior to the current point of the indicator

[Addition of the Mana Addiction Effect (Divine Punishment Raid only)]

– When the MPS reaches a certain value, the state of Mana Addiction will be applied.

– Depending on the MPS value, the effects from 1~3 Stages will be applied. (Applied in real time depending on the MPS)


That’s everything for February’s 2nd Update Sneak Peak.

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. imagin removing the last bist of content that half of the playerbase used…
    why would you remove blue pull fml retarded fuck …
    this game deserve to die

      1. if you have nothing to do, blue pull is the best thing you can do.
        you get free stam and arti frags

  2. Looking forward to seeing this new boss, thankfully I still have some points left to get from CR. Other than that, I hope this will finally be what I needed for the 3 Pen Apoc clear. Also, got my roobs ready for Legend Miruru, LETS GOOOOO.

    Thanks for the heads up, and hope you guys have a wonderful day.

  3. Have they tested these in the PTS?

    I mean that’s the reason for having a PTS right? Early release of updates and beta testing before launching it to the official servers.

    Yay for new content finally, but why do I get the feeling something about this update is going to be broken once again?!?

  4. To all the mother fucker that says this game was dead, I hope you felt into the coffin already! and with your whole bloody family along with it. This place feel fresher without those bullshit asshole that curses the game.

    Maria—Copium / Leagues

    1. A pity who can’t play to the game anymore, cause your country is now forgotten by Vespa. Next time, put more money into the game instead of harsh trashtalk in forum ; p

    2. Such a naive little fool. You think one update will save this game?

      Wake up fool.

      It doesn’t change the fact that the game is dying and their earnings is dwindling. They had to suspend their entire stocks and even cut their staff.

      Pathetic how white knights like you think one update will save the game. Oh and did you know that the leader of the whale JP guild and also many members of HallOfFame (top Korean guild) has also quit the game.

      1. So what? HOF or JP guild that quit are the only ones supporting the game? go learn how business industry works. Even if whole HOF guild quit, new ones will take over and they are nothing special. Are you from HOF cock sucker?

        Maria—Copium / Leagues

      2. LMAO what “new whales will take over”?

        I see that you’re still trying to fool yourself no matter the means, into thinking that this game will live more than another year. Well should I have expected any less from an extreme white knight like you? Truly you go to laughable lengths with your delusions. I’m no longer surprised.

        Fact of a matter is that then game is dying. Plenty of articles on Vespa’s financial situation. Money keeps the business running but the playerbase count is taking A dive downwards each passing day.

        You can’t change it, and your comments don’t mean a thing. At the end of the day, VESPA as a company is falling apart and they have made a net loss. Why else you think they suspended their stocks entirely? (Stocks literally dropped from 33000 to 2900). Then their last 5 month of patches have been extremely empty, their costume quality and amounts reduced, languages and support for various countries cut? Yeah still totally alive game.

        Oh, and these new “whales” that you mention is quite the amusing fantasy. A smart person will not invest nor spend in a dying game. So no new whales will “take over” as you say; definitely not when the player count is going down. And those smart players who have already spent and aren’t deluding themselves (like you) to the point you think the game is still “alive” will inevitably refund to scavenge what they can back.

        No saving a white knight like you. Keep fooling yourself you imbecile.
        Can’t wait to see you cry your eyes out when your lolis and waifus die with the end of support for Vietnam.

    3. I cant wait for 14 March when Vietnam server close for good. This game never should have open up to those cheap f2p idiots that never help contribute good to the game except for their toxicity.

  5. All in all, its a decent list of updates but I noticed that the new scenarios are forgotten again not sure why is that and if further updates improve the game i won’t have a problem if its drop.

    @GM Gremory
    About the legend costume
    This is just my opinion, I know that you probably won’t have balance patch not until KR2 I guess but as I see it, not having balance patch can also make you lose revenue. Why? Cause you are releasing legend costume on heroes that is severely outdated. To a business standpoint what your doing is a bit odd. Yes Miruru legend costume looks awesome but she is still outdated. Now if by some luck you decide to do balance again, imagine your sales for legend costume on heroes that are now relevant and can be use on new contents. Don’t understand why you didn’t capitalize on legend costume going together with balance patches

    1. Miruru is a pvp hero and she’s not weak by any means at least not to the point where she needs a buff, you are asking them to buff every hero that gets a legendary costume to make it a new meta, but even without that believe it or not it’s fairly true that the appearance plays a big role on how popular things are and this is an undeniable fact as long as your audience is of the man kind 😉

  6. Hopefully KR won’t die out lol
    Maybe a company might be willing to take over Vespa and do it 10x better than Vespa
    This game still has its potential but maybe not in the right hands since Vespa has to deal with their losses and refuse to listen to their players, og or not
    Been playing for years, hopefully a better company can take over and have KR2 to blossom well without many delays nor weird updates that makes the player base angry lol
    Vespa, maybe it’s time you seek out other companies to improve the game that you’re failing to do so, it might just be for the better

  7. Vespa. I have supported your game for a few years now. I just wanted to give some honest feedback.

    You overbuffed too many characters. Then left the other half. Yuria/Kasel/Scar/Shamilla are prime examples in pvp. Pve wise Kasel/Gremory/Cleo are prime examples. The game is literally the same 4-8 ish characters at its core outside of dps also. Isaiah and Valance are broken pve and pvp. Scoring content requires the same core characters.

    I do not understand why there is not a damage cap in pvp per hit. As well as why mitigation is not soft capped hard. A huge problem is also skills that probably should not function in the arena period. Or be more specific to non-hero damage. There are a hand full of characters that are flat out just game killers in pvp.

    Leo/Bau/Valance/Isaiah/Dlk/Rebel Clause/Yuria the list goes on. Some mechanisms in the game are also redundant. For example. If a character ignores defense. In the arena the skill damage itself should be smaller. Instead of outright just killing whatever one shot. Vs other characters who have to stack penetration. To be honest defense ignore probably should be capped. Where it is a reliable source of smaller damage or flat dmg that cannot be modified for example.

    I am not completely familiar with the battle system, but I can say with confidence that skills do not follow the same dmg for types. Or skill mechanisms and dmg values / modifiers are not similar across the board. For instance character with skills that’s hit the same number of times should have similar dmg for the skill base. There isn’t a criteria different skill damage fall into. A simple example is if char a and b do a skill that hits once. The damage base should be the same before anything is added or calculated. And should not exceed certain amounts if there is some special quality to the skill. IE defense ignore or another example is a skill that hasn’t a cc effect. Probably should not be able to do heavy dmg with a cc skill. Dlk skill 1 for example. It should dmg or stop mana. Or the damage should be capped to a smaller amount if it is going to stop mana.

    The last thing I want to ad is that personally I think the uw/ut/sw exchange tickets are annoying and probably a bad idea. Almost all players just transfer what they have to what is more powerful now. I think you should have to stick with what you invest in. The game will also have more people using different characters.

    I am not a game dev obviously, but I have played few games that are gacha that have this little variety that is viable. While I have supported your game to this point. I am not going to spend anything else when the game is in this state.

  8. They add content but they still don’t fix the bugs and crashes, I just played 2 conquests with 2 accounts and both crashed me.

    What’s the point of adding content if they never fix the client? The gaming experience is bad, I have to relog like 10 times an hour, everyone tells them and they do nothing.

    Like the balance of the 85 unused heroes, why don’t they give news or don’t they want to? In all the notes I see that people ask for balance, and then they say they read comments? This is seen 1 year ago and they only swung a few heroes.

    Pvp is bad, the same heroes are always repeated, in pve always gremory or erze and the same supports as always, there is no strategy, there is no incentive to upload other heroes.

    We need them to act quickly with that, it has fed up with 90% of the community.

  9. Dying game, new content woopie doo, but revenues and playerbase keeps diving to an all time low. There’s no saving this dead game. Not unless Vespa fixes their shit and gets the vet whales to come back with a great update that fixes what needed to be fixed