[Patch Note] Update List of February 8th (Tue)

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the update list of February 8th (Tue).

※ The screenshots in the Patch Note have been taken in the Test Server.


[Update List]

▶ Reorganization of Guild War

– Round/Season reward and Guild War Shop will be reorganized in order to increase Guild War participation.

[Round Reward] 
– You will be able to additionally receive ‘Reforge Ticket’ by 50% chance if the attack is successful.

[Season Reward] 
– The following rewards will be added between the Champion ~ Royal Master Tier.

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– The amount of ‘Guild War Medal’ paid to all tiers will be doubled.

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– Server buff to 1st~3rd ranking guild will be updated.

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※ If a same server guild exists among 1st~3rd ranking, the highest-ranking server buff will be applied first and low-ranking server buff will be substituted.
– 2nd: 3% increase of Gold/EXP gain
– 3rd: 2% increase of Gold/EXP gain

[Guild War Shop]

– The Guild War Shop will be reorganized as follows.

※ Number of purchases in the Guild War Shop will be reset after the maintenance.

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▶ Improvement on Convenience
– Improvements on convenience will be processed which are based on continuous suggestions.

[Adjustment to Box Drop]

– We have adjusted the number of boxes dropped by each battle wave. This will improve the motion of picking up large number of boxes so that the battle is not delayed.

[Expansion of Transcendence Perks Page]

– Improvements are made in which the users can now expand up to 6 pages of Transcendence Perks by consuming certain number of Rubies.

[Addition of EXP from Dispatch Battle]
– Improvements will be made in which EXP will be added to Team Level and Hero when winning from Dispatch Battle (Hero EXP Increase Buff will not be applied)
※ Stamina consumption and EXP acquisition through Dispatch are also applied to Flasks equipped on Heroes.

[Addition of New Battle Display Function]
– A function to reduce massive display of DMG/Heal Rate/HP will be added. (K/M/B/T units)

[Damage Skin Change]
– Damage skins which are exposed during battle will be newly changed.

▶ Improvement on Yanne’s Legend Costume

– The voice will be improved to better match the appearance and concept of the Legend Costume. (Korean/Japanese/English)

▶ Opening of [Guild War] Global Regular Season 11

– Period: February 11th (Fri), 2022 08:00 ~ April 22nd (Fri) 06:59 [PST]

▶ Opening of [League of Honor] Preseason
– End of Regular Season 16:
February 13th (Sun), 2022 06:59 [PST]
– Preseason Period:
February 13th (Sun), 2022 09:00 ~ March 13th (Sun) 06:59 [PST]

– Ranking rewards will be paid at the end of Regular Season 16.

▶ Addition of Monthly Orvel (Story & Cutscene for February)

A person in a garment

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– A birthday cutscene for ‘Isaiah (2/16)’ will be added, who will have its first birthday in February 2022.

– The hero’s first birthday cutscene will be opened on the hero’s birthday, and rewards can be obtained after watching the cutscene. (The reward is paid only once for the first time.)

▌Special Shop Update

▶ New Package

– Certain packages will be updated


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▶ King’s Pass Season 9
– Items of King’s Pass Season 9 will be updated.

▌Challenge Raid

▶ Dark Inferno – Kallax


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▶ Items added to [Point Exchange] Shop
– ‘Mysterious Rune: Legendary’, with an addition of 4 new Legendary Runes, will be added to Point Exchange Shop from the start of a new season.


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※ New runes will not be added to existing ‘Mysterious Rune: Legendary’, ‘Legendary Rune Ticket’, and Mysterious Rune: Legendary item that can be obtainable from [Divine Punishment Raid] & [Divine Punishment Raid Breakthrough Package].

※ Wording may differ comparing to actual in-game names, so we may ask for your kind understanding.

▌Bug Fixes

– Fixed the issue where Hero ‘Viska’ appears when searching at [Special Shop] > [Hero] > [TAG] > [Magical Tanker].


That was everything for the Patch Note of February’s first update.

Hope you have a great time raiding in KING’s RAID!!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. So LOH pre season is now 3 months?! WTF?
    Now seriously… are guys having major internal problems with your staff? I feel the delay is linked to your art and devlepment team being smaller.

    I mean the cancelling of GC rework, reduction of the amount of LOH/regular costumes, removal of translations, lack of game events, no balancing and no Fluss story as promised hints that your company is having major staffing issues at the moment… (either fired or left due to wage cuts?)

    Well your stocks dropped again. 3165 today and last week it was 3300… it’s dropping by an average rate of 100-200 a week.

      1. It was initially written as May so he isn’t wrong. GM Grem only corrected it like an hour after the note was released, hence all the comments below

    1. And people believe this game is still going to be around for KR2? Have you seen their NET LOSS, their operating losses and their stocks?

      Read this article LMAO:

      They’ve clearly had to cut wages. Some staff clearly got fired and others had to leave since the job isn’t paying well. Why else you think less costumes, extended LOH season, cancellation of GC3 rework, removal of the translations and no events?

      Also amazing how VESPA is now developing some other trash game called Shining Force after their flop of Time Defenders. Laughable.

  2. I usually don’t comment so they don’t come out with their white knight bullshit, but damn they are seriously screwing the game in January and the first half of February, I really hope they don’t screw up the 2nd half of February because if they keep it up they won’t make it to June for KR2 before they run out of players

  3. To those white knights saying VESPA is focusing on developing KR2. Well, this is not a good enough excuse to abandon the game. You have to work to maintain or keep your loyal playerbase entertained until the big patch arrived. At the moment the game is spiralling downwards and player interest is at a all time low. Official Discord has players reacting with 🚮❌👎 emojis to posts by GM Gremory. FaceBook is full of players complaining in the comments and official community same goes.

    If VESPA thinks anyone is still going to be around for KR2 and will be happy with these trash patches in the meantime then good luck.

    But honestly, the whole “Vespa is working in KR2” excuse is exhausted now. Vespa has done absolutely nothing to show for it – all we saw was some facial animations. We don’t even know the new characters names, the gameplay changes or anything else!

    Vespa is legit playing a game of fire by hoping KR2 will be their saving grace after the flop of Time Defenders.

  4. Your Development posts have been off schedule so many times – GC rework cancelled, Miruru and Clause costumes delayed, LOH pre season extended from 2 weeks to 3 months, KR2 delay by ONE YEAR, removal of languages and no Empire story/event all show the game is one foot on the grave.

    Waiting for the white knight Nyugen to appear btw

      1. nguyen khanh : You are trying to save this game without accepting the fact that there has not been a new event or a rerun event that has been repeated in the past 1 month. You just want to save the money you have loaded into this game

      2. It’s embarrassing to have you as a Vietnamese

    1. Quoting GM Gremory’s copy pasta and no answers response:

      “Hello. Once we have news about KR2, we will try to notice to all of our raiders. Our devs are working their best to provide the best outcome. Until then, we may ask for your kind patience. Thank you.”

      Yeah sure, I hope you still have players left by the time KR2 comes (if it ever does). At this rate, I think a game closure notice is more likely to come than KR2, and KR2 will never see the light of day.

    1. Ah, it’s you again Nyugen Hoang. Poor you.

      You spend so much time cocksucking on here it is no wonder you have no GF in real life. Also your vulgar language on your previous posts shows why nobody in Hanoi, let alone all of Vietnam is interested nor wants to be with you. I’m sorry your parents gave birth to a monstrous creature like you, so undeserving of the title of as part of the “human species”.

      1. Its entertaining seeing how baby like you cry about the game and still plays. Good boy like you cannot take insult? Has your dick been chew off by a dog or something? you sissy

        Maria—Copium / League

  5. I’m seriously worried for the state of this game. In the last 5 months the updates have been diminishing and nows it’s almost nothing.

    Also the silence from devs and GMs aren’t helping

    I’m so sad because my friends have left too and now I’m starting to feel the same way…

  6. So in summary

    No regular costumes
    No legendary costumes
    No GC rework
    No events
    No KR2 previews
    No balancing
    LOH pre season extension

    Also- Who the f gives a damn about Guild War? Maybe 1-2 guilds but that’s it. Also 50% to get reforge doesn’t seem that attractive to me since it’s still RNG. Why not make it so 1 or 2 tickets guaranteed after all your attacks (fail or succed?

    1. What’s that disgusting stench coming from this comment. Oh I know! It’s poop 💩 because you’ve been kissing and licking that ass hole for so long.


      Honestly you must have so much time on your hands licking VESPA ass. No wonder in real life you have made no accomplishments. Sadge.

      1. Well ofc, his old IGN was WeaL0liBB. It’s no wonder he has no gf in real life considering all he does is spend is time licking Vespa ass and the remaining gapping to 2D anime girls. Yuck.

        Cant wait till the game shuts down in a few months and he’ll be crying his eyes out since defending Vespa didn’t save him or his 2d waifus.

  7. You could have at least put a rerun event or something like a conscious company caring about the state of the game should be doing… Also, the Master ranking tier “th” are not in english…Guess it was too much to translate.

    1. They cut translations team already.

      They are probs starting to cut EN translations too since they couldn’t even get “March” and “May” right as well. Also let’s not forget the obvious translation errors the game has and how patch notes are always littered with errors or missing vital info that JP/KR notes do not have.

  8. the state of this game is confusing, it looks like the game is dying, there is just nothing happening but instead of acting like it, such as putting up deals in shop and giving tons of freebies to try to cash up what’s left of your game, you just let it sink…

    Doesn’t make any sense from a business point of view, it’s like you don’t want to give up and live in your bubble thinking problems are going to magically solve themselves…

  9. 早上好中国 现在我有冰淇淋 我很喜欢冰淇淋 但是 速度与激情9 比冰淇淋 速度与激情 速度与激情9 我最喜欢 所以…现在是音乐时间 准备 1 2 3 两个礼拜以后 速度与激情9 ×3 不要忘记 不要错过 记得去电影院看速度与激情9 因为非常好电影 动作非常好 差不多一样冰淇淋 再见

  10. Real fans just don’t abandon a game because it has a few hiccups it happens people the world has been through a huge Pandemic 😷 workers laid off rehired and so on give the developers a bit of a break gang I am sure they are working diligently to fire off some events that are worthy of the games fans and not just fluff and fillers I prefer waiting on the good rather than just dealing with fluff but do give us something to do in the meantime while we wait we deserve that much I agree on.

  11. No event and balance this patch. Are you really hinting at end of service before KR2.

    And getting real tired of mopping the floor with almost Valance + Scarlet teams in Arena. How about some buffs for assassins for a change or just put all assassins in warrior class and delete assassin class.

  12. At least we got something on this update, but man, what’s up with our event, there’s no real thing to see there. you could put Chinese new year or valentine event so there’s still something

  13. SMART ass players are getting sick and leaving one after another while the IDIOT ones stay to spreading bullshit and trying so hard to enjoy this game’s last time competing against bots.

  14. So still no new content. Is Vespa aware of the danger of this politic. Even if it to prepare Kr2, that’s a suicidal moove. They won’t last till Kr2 scheduled on May/June, and, IF I said IF, there’s no new delay. And that’s will be an all in for them. But I’m afraid will have to seek to a new game. With how things go, I won’t bet on Vespa. Still I hope I’m wrong. But what’s make me very angry is how the waste a potential very good game with a serie of bads/greedy decisions . . . : /

    1. It’s not for May/June. KR2 is due for late summer release (August 2022) so good luck waiting that long. I expect it to be delayed again to 2023… oh wait the game already shut down by then!

  15. Wow so today you have to put a COMPLETE STOP or pause on your stock trading price.

    Your company is in dire straights.

    And white knights still somehow thinking this game is going to last until KR2. Sure bro.

  16. Korean developer Vespa, well-known for its mobile RPG King’s Raid, yesterday (7 Feb) was forced to suspend trading of its stock after the latest financial results announcement. According to local news, Vespa’s 2021 total sales saw a drop of 36.5% compared to 2020, and its operating profit saw a drop of 75.3% compared to 2020. In fact, Vespa made an operating loss in 2021 which amounted to around USD 29 million. A main reason is also attributed to “capital erosion” of over 50% for the past 2 years.

    Vespa said that the results came from increasing fixed costs and decrease in sales for King’s Raid, its main revenue source. Other factors include new mobile games performing poorly and staffing costs due to several projects being in development. One of the new games which failed to produce results is Time Defenders, which launched in Japan last year. Vespa is now working on Shining Force: Heroes of Light and Darkness.

  17. Bruh why the f u ck would anybody smart in vespa still work there? Its dead the game is dead, why its like trying to bring a dead animal back to life with shock treatment, it doesn’t fu cking work whats dead is dead, like this game there’s now brining it back, like he ll ther’es gonna be a KR2 thats just theere as a false since of security a bite to big that they took, and they choke leaving KR2 to nevvvvvvvvvvvvvver see the light of life.

  18. The whole problem started since they decided to release heroes op (Pansirone onwards), this game used to stand out because you could play with your favorite hero and now it’s not like that anymore. Each new hero unbalanced the game even more, right now if you don’t use “certain meta hero” everything costs you more.

    In pve you only use gremory, erze and some specific supports and complete everything (it’s no use releasing new content because it gets boring instantly). In pvp there is only DLkasel, RC, scarlet, yuria, valance, shamilla, dosarta and shakmeh and some more that I forgot.

    Almost 80 useless heroes, a meta hero with little investment makes any other “non-meta” hero look ridiculous. The balance is something that is prioritized in any game when noticing abuses in the characters and here they do not control anything, it does not cost anything to nerf certain skills in meta pvp heroes and meta pve

    The second big problem is the terrible optimization, all efforts are directed to the “emulator apk” but absolutely nothing for the “official apk”. Lag in GC (and crash in the middle of the game without input return), crash in pvp (losing ranking), crash changing maps, slowdowns of all kinds, I’ve seen people who have retired because of this.

    I am not leaving without first mentioning the Spanish language cut, in the future you will lose a new audience for not having that language (they will even ask you to add it). In every game you see, you don’t have to be a great administrator or market analyst.